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Phu Quoc

  • Tropical island paradise
  • Jungle and beaches
  • Diving and snorkling
Phu Quoc Hotels
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Phu Quoc is our favourite beach destination in Vietnam, ideal for doing very little - perhaps unwinding at the end of an epic trip across Vietnam, or recovering from work and getting you in the right frame of mind at the start of your Vietnam adventure.

The 48km island is a tropical paradise of jungle, pepper plantations and beautiful beaches, with more than 50% of the island designated as a national park. It is closer to Cambodia than Vietnam, but very easily reached by a short domestic flight from Saigon, so you can even make it there for your first night in Vietnam if the flight schedules fit.

We have some fabulous beach-side accommodation available on the island, that you may find difficult to leave, be warned!

What to see, what to do?
Relax, you're on holiday! But if you can't do that, Phu Quoc is a great island to explore by motorbike independently, to discover your own private pristine piece of beach - the roads are pretty quiet and the motoring regulations relaxed. Alternatively, take an island tour with a man who knows the place intimately and let him show you his favourite island spots in the jungle and on the coast, with a little hiking (or a lot) thrown in.

Snorkling and diving are both possible, and can be excellent - you can even do a full open water dive course, or a couple of "try dives" - or just snorkle from the boat or beach.

Then again, you might not even be able to drag yourself out of your intimate eco-beach resort routine of good books, lounging by the sea, stunning sunsets and delicious cocktails...but if that is the case, don't feel guilty - relax, you're on holiday!

When To Come:
November - March
July - September
April - June, October More info
November to March is best, flat calm, clear blue water, and sunny days from dawn 'til dusk. But we've enjoyed the island ourselves in wet season, when a day without at least some sun and blue sky is still rare, and its even quieter than normal.

We Love:
Exploring the island by motorbike to visit our favourite out of the way beaches for picnics and snorkling.