Pure Nam - OUR ETHOS

What we'll do

We'll work with you to organise your complete trip to vietnam in this way:

  • We'll arrange all your hotel bookings in all destinations.
  • We'll organise all your transportation needs for you (local flights, trains, private cars or buses) from the moment you arrive in SE Asia until the day you leave.
  • We'll advise you on visas and arrange where necessary.
  • If you want, we'll advise you on activities in all destinations and, where it makes sense to arrange or book in advance, we will do that for you.
  • If you need us while you're in Vietnam, we're here for you, available 24 hours a day by phone - and we have local contacts in most destinations.

Pure Nam is a family business run by a UK/Swiss couple offering fully tailored holidays in Vietnam.

We think we do this really well, because:

  • We have lived (and travelled) in Vietnam for more than fifteen years
  • Travelling in Vietnam remains our passion.
  • We understand what Europeans expect and desire from a holiday in Vietnam.
  • We work directly with local specialists - where possible your money goes to local people and local organisations, and not to multi-nationals.

We aim to cater for people like us. We don't like guided tours. We don't want to be part of a group of people we didn't choose to travel with. We only use guides when they add value. We want to travel independently, with the best possible information and preparation.

We recognise that our first responsibility is to help you to have the best holiday experience you could possibly have - and by doing this we can help some of the people of Vietnam achieve prosperity, in our own small way. We also donate 5% of our profits from every holiday booked with us to a local children's foundation charity (see the panel opposite for more details).


Mai Nha Children Foundation

Neither political nor religious, Mai Nha Children Foundation Vietnam concentrates its efforts on two objectives: Allowing 20 orphan children to grow up as a family and prepare for their future, and helping improve the lives of the most deprived children in the local community.

Mai Nha operates two simple and pleasant houses. Each house supports 10 orphan babies and children and one "mother Mai Nha". The children grow up in a warm and reassuring atmosphere. Their objective is to do everything necessary to ensure that each child benefits from attention, is listened to and feels loved and protected.

Mai Nah also operates 2 other programs: scholarships, to guarantee long term access to formal education to the most deprived children, and family support, to help the most disadvantaged families in the local community.

The charity operates with 100% financial transparency.

For more information, visit: www.mai-nha.org.