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The Cat Tien National park is a gem for nature lovers and not to be missed if you're keen to experience some great wildlife and natural beauty of Vietnam.

A UNESCO recognised biosphere reserve, the park is 720 square kilometers in size, and home to some of the best and rarest fauna and flora to be found in Vietnam, including Asian elephants, gaur and sun bears as well as many smaller mammals and a large and varied bird population. With plenty of activities available it is easy to fill two or three days here. The park is roughly halfway between Dalat and Saigon and relatively easy to reach.

What to see, what to do?
It is possible to explore some of the park yourself, and hiring a bike is an excellent way to do it - although for walks through the park we'd recommend a guide. There are plenty of treks available, from easy walks to more difficult day hikes through the forests - the 12km walk to crocodile lake through the jungle is a classic, and you can even do an overnight camp there for the full jungle experience.

There are also bird watching tours, night safaris by jeep, and boat trips along the Dong Nai river, and the endangered primate rescue centre and the bear rescue station are definitely worth a visit.

When To Come:
December - April
May, November
June - October More info
Coming here in the rainy season does mean you're likely to encounter leeches if you go trekking into the wilds, but the tropical rainforest definitely has a special beauty in the rain, and you'll find the park even more peaceful than normal. The end of the dry season is best for spotting animals here.

We Love:
Visiting the gibbons in the rescue centre, and sitting at night on the banks of the Dong Nai river in the rainy season on our room terrace, drinking a glass of red and listening to the sounds of the jungle...special!